Employee Engagement

                                To understand and influence how employees are feeling and performing, mid-sized companies need a comprehensive workforce engagement solution that employees love to use.

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                                Employee Engagement Software Features

                                User Friendly Experience

                                Drive employee engagement and reduce administrative burden with a solution that is designed to look, work, and feel like a consumer application.

                                Company News Feed

                                Enhance communication across the company with an intuitive people directory and tools for employee communication and recognition.

                                Mobile Accessibility

                                Empower employees to access and interact with their core HR systems like payroll, benefits, and time management from wherever they may be.

                                Workforce Unification

                                Manage the complexities of a dispersed or multi-state workforce with a single HR system of record that aligns your employees around shared goals.

                                Quick and Easy Communication Through the Company News Feed

                                Namely’s news feed takes on the look and feel of a social media feed to let your employees give praise, collaborate, stay informed, and much more!

                                Employee engagement is achieved when team members are recognized for good work and able to provide their feedback on company improvements. Empower them to share their insights and ideas through the company news feed.


                                Mobile-Ready Core HR Solutions Empower Today's Workforce

                                Namely’s People Operations Platform is simple, flexible, and covers your core people operation needs in one solution that was designed with end users in mind. Keep your employees engaged and allow them to access the functionality on-the-go through a mobile app.


                                See how Namely can improve your employee engagement and help grow your company.