Employee Onboarding

                                With each new group of employees comes a new set of tasks, forms, and compliance standards to meet. Streamline your people operations in a single system of record and set up new hires for success before they even walk in the door.

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                                Onboarding Software Features

                                Configurable Templates

                                Modify existing onboarding templates to address your company’s unique needs.

                                Streamlined & Paperless Process

                                Eliminate dual system entry and manual paperwork with unlimited eSignature forms.

                                E-Verify Integration

                                Reduce administrative burden and stay in compliance with a delivered integration to E-Verify.

                                Single Platform of Record

                                New hires can quickly and easily access fundamental employee applications.

                                Stay Compliant

                                All new-hire forms are safely stored within Namely to help you stay compliant.


                                Ensure new hires get a positive first impression with intuitive and modern technology.

                                It takes the whole company to train and shape a new hire into a successful employee.


                                See how Namely can improve your onboarding process and help grow your company.