Talent Management

                                Develop your people through onboarding, goals, reviews, and more with Namely's talent management software.

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                                Talent Management Software Features

                                Onboarding with eSignature

                                Paperless and self-serve, so employees can dive in on their first day.

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                                Manage goals from the company-level down to every employee.

                                Employee Performance Management

                                Simplify assessment cycles with intuitive forms.

                                Automated Review Cycles

                                Easily collect answers from managers, employees, and peers.


                                Define competencies, and pull them directly into performance.


                                Track complex processes in any department.


                                Recognize great work in the feed, and access appreciation during reviews.

                                Configurable Templates

                                Evaluate your employees in a way that fits your talent management strategy.

                                Unlimited Reviews

                                Run performance assessments whenever your business needs.

                                Create a culture that grows your people-—and your company.

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                                “Namely's talent management software helps my people grow.”

                                —Jillian, HR Director at JW Player

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